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    Mission statement

Mission statement

flow provides you with essential corporate and transaction banking content and unique insights from Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank. flow is produced for and with clients and industry professionals. We analyse and explain how market trends shape client industries and deliver thought leadership on corporate treasury and cash management; trade finance and lending; trust and agency services; security services as well as technology trends and ESG.

flow is produced by dedicated expert in-house editorial team:

Clarissa Dann (MBA)

Clarissa Dann

Clarissa has been editor in Chief of Trade & Forfaiting Review, a trade and commodity finance magazine, newswire and events portfolio, following a long career in legal and regulatory publishing in senior management roles running teams of writers, technical experts and designers. Clarissa has deep journalistic expertise in financial services, particularly cross-border trade, finance and lending.

Desirée Buchholz

Desirée Buchholz

Before joining Deutsche Bank, she has worked as a corporate finance and corporate treasury journalist for several years publishing in German and English and moderating industry events. Desirée has overseen a team of writers and managed relationships with external providers and partners.

The editorial team works with Deutsche Bank business expertise, along with that of the Bank’s clients and partners in combination with freelance journalists. By working with market experts and researchers and covering key industry events, flow provides unique insights into today’s global transactional landscape.

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flow family

The flow portfolio offers you access to a wealth of essential information:

  • Our flow website delivers Corporate Bank insights straight from the source, with deep-dive market analyses, client case studies as well as updates from Deutsche Bank Research
  • The flow app features flow content highlights and acts as a gateway to other handy DB information sources
  • The flow Annual print magazine pulls together key themes and topics our clients should watch out for in the respective year. It is structured into business sections and includes regional updates, community case studies and a view from the top of Corporate Bank
  • Our flow white papers provide topical industry insights and helpful guidance to the client businesses we serve. This includes checklists and helpful explanations on regulatory initiatives, technology developments and market trends
  • Our new flow InCorporateTreasury Podcast offers corporate treasurers a stage to share their story with the community and learn from peers. It covers the entire range of topics that treasurers are dealing with – from managing cash and FX risks over financing to making use of innovative technologies and implementing ESG strategies
  • Trade finance TV is brought to the trade finance industry by the flow editorial team in partnership with two leading Trade Finance media houses: GTR and TXF
  • Our flow newsbite newsletters are sent once a week and provide you with our latest articles, podcasts, white papers and event invitations which may be of interest for you. 
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