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Now in our second year by popular demand, we have assembled our top 12 essential flow experiences drawing on a mix of website downloads, social media engagement statistics, editorial picks, and reader feedback. They are not ranked in order of one through to 12 but the entire dozen stand out equally as our recommended read, view and listen again highlights



Why CBDCs could be a gamechanger for B2B payments

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are gaining traction – but some corporate treasurers are missing a vision for token-based B2B payments, especially in Europe. flow’s Desirée Buchholz hosts a debate on the relevance of digital currencies for companies

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North Sea energy security

How did the Danish Underground Consortium finance the redevelopment of a key gas condensate field in the North Sea without abandoning its energy transition commitments? flow’s Clarissa Dann explains how Norwegian oil independent Noreco’s sustainability-linked reserve-based lending was expanded to make this possible

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How to enable digital business models via payments

As more and more B2B companies are selling their products and services directly to the consumer, this changes the way in which payments are being made. At Swiss multinational healthcare company F. Hoffman-La Roche, business model transition began a couple of years ago in the diabetes care segment – and since then the number of business units that are addressing the patient directly has continually increased.

So, what can treasurers do to support direct-to-consumer-models? And how can they ensure that the payment set-up remains efficient and secure in a digital world? In this episode, Group Treasurer Britta Döttger and Head of Treasury Operations, Martin Schlageter, share insights into Roche’s digital payment strategy and how a new project with Deutsche Bank is helping them to stay ahead of the curve

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How to ensure commodities security in a volatile world

To achieve its economic potential, should Europe move away from its ‘taking part is everything’ stance and compete to win?

In our flow print edition’s ‘The Big Read’ Deutsche Bank’s Stefan Hoops takes a closer look at how the Americas and Asia blocs have performed compared with Europe in a global race in which market shares are shifting and market structures are being reshaped. To win, Europe needs “a combination of pragmatism, courage and confidence in our own strengths,” he says

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Season’s greetings from the Corporate Bank

We hope you enjoyed our flow content in 2022 and look forward to keeping you up to date with insights on db.com/flow in the New Year


How to manage the transition to net-zero

As economies around the world pledge their commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050, companies need to step up their decarbonisation plans. Deutsche Bank’s Lavinia Bauerochse reflects on how this is changing the role of banks and why transition is becoming a core element in client conversations

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New ways of working

Agile working promises to make companies more dynamic. How? flow’s Desiree Buchholz and Clarissa Dann report on how this is happening on the ground, providing insights from Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank’s own agility journey together with that of the SAP treasury team

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Settlement compression – where next?

Now that India, the US and Canada have confirmed they are reducing trade settlement cycles from T+2 to T+1, what are the risks and what are the benefits? flow takes a closer look at accelerated settlement

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Trade Finance TV: Trade finance and investors

In this episode of Trade Finance TV, we take a closer look at the different types of investors – ranging from private wealth managers to corporate treasurers and pension funds. Our guests discuss investor education, the structure of the asset and the overall outlook in a market where appetite for private debt is increasing

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Metaverse – The next e-commerce revolution

The Metaverse, roughly defined as 3-D virtual worlds that mimic the real world, has drawn much attention since late 2021. It could usher in the next e-commerce revolution as it starts to gain traction with advances in technology and becomes more mainstream. Financial services firms have a significant role in powering this e-commerce explosion, say Deutsche Bank’s Sabih Behzad and Akash Jain

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Is the crypto party over?

The presumption that Bitcoin and its peers offer a hedge against inflation has been debunked by recent sharp falls. The plunge extended to stablecoins, which are supposedly far less volatile. flow summarises Deutsche Bank Research analysis on crypto perception and reality

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Safe as houses

What holds 21 million mortgage files with a follow-the-sun team that can handle as many as 30,000 to 40,000 loan reviews in one day? flow takes a closer look at Deutsche Bank’s Document Custody service located in Santa Ana, California and its central role in supporting the US mortgage market

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Guide to ISO 20022 migration Part 5

As we near the milestone transition dates for cross-border payments and the Eurozone, the ISO 20022 migration is high on the agenda for financial institutions. At its core, it is an exercise in harmonisation, but even harmonisation is susceptible to different approaches – and the risk of data truncation looms as market infrastructures and market participants transition on different timelines

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Deutsche Bank Research

dbresearch – Top 10 themes for 2023 Top 10 themes for 2023

It’s that time of year when the thematic research team looks at what topics could move markets in the coming year. The report takes a look at developments in the economy, business and politics that could impact markets, as well as topics that are growing in importance

dbresearch – Top 10 themes for 2023 So what might 2023 bring?