The flow InCorporate Treasury Podcast series is designed for and with corporate treasurers. It covers the entire range of treasury skills and competencies – from managing cash and FX risks to making use of innovative technologies and implementing ESG strategies. All of this is examined through the lens of a treasurer.

What are the latest achievements corporate treasurers have attained with their teams? Which projects are the most challenging ones and how are treasury departments finding solutions and building shared learning? We are offering treasurers a stage from which to share their stories with the community and learn from peers. Tune in and be part of it!

Episode 1: Managing a post-merger integration

As the world went into the first Covid-19 lockdown in the Spring of 2020, German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon managed the largest take-over in its history by acquiring US competitor Cypress for an enterprise value of €9bn. In our first episode of the flow InCorporate Treasury Podcast, Alexander Foltin, Head of Treasury and Investor Relations at Infineon, explains to moderator Desirée Buchholz how market turbulences affected the deal. Aligning treasury policies, integrating cash management systems and defining a new bank strategy is challenging enough, but Alexander and his team had to do all this in a remote working environment. Tune in and learn more about how his team has dealt with post-merger integration so far – and why the project isn’t finished yet.