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We have assembled our top ten essential reading items drawing on a mix of website downloads, social media engagement statistics, editorial pick, and reader feedback. They are not ranked in order of one through to ten but all ten stand out equally. Our top five videos can be viewed here as a separate list. Enjoy!

Top 10 reads


All-in for Europe

To achieve its economic potential, should Europe move away from its ‘taking part is everything’ stance and compete to win? In our flow print edition’s ‘The Big Read’ Deutsche Bank’s Stefan Hoops takes a closer look at how the Americas and Asia blocs have performed compared with Europe in a global race in which market shares are shifting and market structures are being reshaped. To win, Europe needs “a combination of pragmatism, courage and confidence in our own strengths,” he says

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Driving data quality

Data is the new gold, but only if managed properly. As more and more companies rely on data for financial decision-making, corporate treasurers need their banking partners to become technology innovation partners. Telling the story of how Deutsche Bank is rethinking its data strategy to enhance data quality and support corporate clients, this was one of our most-read articles for 2021. “Good quality data results in innovative products, great client service, efficient operations, decreased risk of fraud and accurate financial and regulatory reporting,” reflects Jennifer Courant, Chief Data Officer, Deutsche Bank

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Central bank digital currencies: the game changers

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are gaining traction as 63 central banks around the world have confirmed CBDC preparation. While emerging market economies such as China and Brazil lead the race, the Fed and the ECB are more circumspect around developing a CBDC. Are these initiatives driven by the fear that cryptocurrencies could crowd out fiat money or rather by the diminishing role of cash? And what does it mean for financial services? In this article that enjoyed signification website traffic, flow provides an overview

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On the right track

When Jeremy Hamon took Primetals Technologies into a four-year ESG-aligned FX hedging commitment, the finance and treasury function brought the entire steel engineering business on board to ensure it performed to agreed criteria. This heavily downloaded flow cover story takes a deep dive into the steelmaking industry, Hamon’s personal and professional journey, and provides insights into the landmark framework FX hedging agreement

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Heirs of Lac Long Quan

Vietnam is the fastest-growing economy within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). flow examines the drivers behind the countries’ success and what’s in it for corporates. This heavily downloaded and shared article is part of a microsite providing a series of in-depth information on the opportunities for doing business within and from ASEAN

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Journey to green in ESG transformation

As capital pours into ESG investing strategies and sustainability linked debt becomes mainstream, how are regulatory frameworks developing to support this growth and prevent greenwashing? This article pulls together the various regulatory and standards framework in one place thereby placing a line in the sand on what ESG transformation means for investor appetite and lender behaviour

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What will be the shape of digital custody?

Digital assets come in many shapes and sizes with the most commonly traded being cryptocurrency. This flow article defines and explains their limited supply and high volatility. As a handy scene-setter of the digital custody landscape, this heavily downloaded article also looks at how custodian banks are building digital custody solutions to help investors report on the risks and regulatory arms embracing these new asset classes as they diversify their portfolios

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New frontiers in US trade finance

In the wake of pandemic-initiated bottlenecks and the Suez Canal blockage, companies have started to re-navigate their international supply chains. Christina Gnad, Deutsche Bank’s new Head of Trade Finance and Lending Americas, reflects what this means for sourcing strategies of US companies, how her team in Latin America promotes social and environmental projects and why technological innovation will help the Bank to manage know-your-customer (KYC) checks more efficiently. Written by trade finance journalist Ivan Castano Freeman, this article enjoyed a particularly strong engagement on LinkedIn

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Best Practice Guide: ACT International Treasury Peer Review

What makes a good treasury? As finance departments need to keep pace with the digitalisation of the business, this question has become more important than ever. Drawing on a survey among more than 200 corporates globally, this white paper published by the Association of Corporate Treasurers in cooperation with Deutsche Bank has established itself already as a treasure-trove of practical support for treasurers featuring articles, interviews and case studies 

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Guide to ISO 20022 migration: Part 4

As the ISO standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions, ISO 20022 underpins the entire financial system. 2022 will be an important year for the migration, with several of the world’s major market infrastructures, as well as SWIFT, planning to migrate to the new global standard. On the back of this, we published Part 4 of our Guide to ISO20022 migration – reflecting on the most recent development and provide clients with all the information they need to move forward on their migration journey

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Top 5 Videos


Chintan Shah – Corporate Cash Management insights

The Asian Banker has awarded Deutsche Bank as Best Transaction Bank in Asia-Pacific for “supporting customers' business continuity through strong regional presence and digital innovation”. In a video interview with the publication, Deutsche Bank’s Chintan Shah, Head of Corporate Cash Management APAC shares key drivers of the sustained business performance in Asia Pacific as the global financial industry grappled with Covid-19 uncertainty and business volatility. He also explains how digital innovation supports customers’ business continuity to meet the real- time corporate treasury needs


#ExpeditionFinance goes COP26 – Why nature should be an asset!

Who would travel by electric vehicle from Frankfurt to COP26 in Glasgow? Deutsche Bank’s Jürgen Schmitt did just that. Among the insights on this latter-day pilgrimage and the sustainability learning gathered along the way was his video interview with His Excellency, Mohamed Nasheed, former President of the Maldives, who gave a passionate response on why climate change action is so vital. In the Maldives, an archipelago of low-lying islands, “we have rampant coast erosion, our coral reefs are bleaching, we are losing our biodiversity, and rising seawater is contaminating our aquifers,” he laments. A must-watch, and see also the news story here

Deutsche Bank Video

How GEM Connect improves treasury efficiency

Managing liquidity and FX workflows in an efficient manner is never an easy task for corporate treasurers. Yet, in emerging markets such as China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand that have complex regulation and capital controls in place, it’s usually most difficult. Deutsche Bank has launched an innovative one-stop workflow automation solution tackling these challenges. This video presents GEM Connect – a component-based solution which allows for more efficient workflows across collections, payments, funding and FX in emerging markets


Supply chain finance – the corporate perspective

What do corporates look for when selecting a supply chain finance provider? Cost, IT integration, choice of platform and type of funding are four key factors – along with longevity. And what prompts the decision to choose this way of paying suppliers? Oliver Triebsees from GEA, one of Germany’s largest technology suppliers for food processing, provided the treasury/working capital perspective and was joined by Anil Walia from Deutsche Bank who gave the provider/platform insights

Deutsche Bank Video

Deutsche Bank is your trust and agency services partner

“From Singapore to Santa Ana, Deutsche Bank is your trust and agency services partner,” opens this marketing video, that has not only enjoyed several hundred views since launch but provides a straightforward and practical explanation of what this means in practical terms: how escrow solutions help clients that are acquiring a company; and how administration services support those arranging a complex securitisation vehicle originating loans, for example