Creative enterprise Creative enterprise

Now in its 30th year, the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs programme crowned five new winners in July 2023. flow takes a closer look at this remarkable enterprise programme

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Supporting affordable home ownership in America Supporting affordable home ownership in America

Home ownership in the United States has a long history of being inaccessible and unequitable for low – and moderate – income communities. flow reports on how Deutsche Bank’s Community Development Finance Group is supporting Blackstar Stability’s efforts to address the challenges

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It’s never too early It’s never too early

“Money makes the world go round” goes the song from Cabaret, yet teenagers learn surprisingly little from school about managing personal finance. flow reports on an initiative in Germany that is addressing this education gap

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Democratising finance Democratising finance

Periods of disruptive innovation have always transformed the inequality map. Digital technology has transformed and democratised finance, for example. In her new book, Deutsche Bank Research Senior Strategist Marion Laboure explains how fintech is tackling financial exclusion, and what more can be done

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Getting women back to work Getting women back to work

Women, both in the workplace and at home, have been disproportionately affected by the global pandemic. flow shares how Deutsche Bank is partnering with Dress for Success, a women’s support organisation that has evolved into a formidable agent of change, providing services that go far beyond what its name suggests

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New ways of working New ways of working

Agile working promises to make companies more dynamic. How? flow’s Desiree Buchholz and Clarissa Dann report on how this is happening on the ground, providing insights from Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank’s own agility journey together with that of the SAP treasury team

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Charging back to work Charging back to work

How could people from low-income backgrounds get higher-paying jobs after the pandemic hit? flow reports on how Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation’s New Initiatives Fund supported the work of ETF@JFFLabs, a US employment technology fund that is helping make this happen

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Street smart Street smart

With the pandemic bringing the challenge of ethnic disparities to the fore of the public agenda, flow finds out how content agency Word on the Curb – one of the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs 2020 winners – is using video to help treat the symptoms and have a positive social impact

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Poetry in the park Poetry in the park

How did a member of Deutsche Bank’s operations team get to be appointed Poet in Residence at one of London’s iconic cemeteries? flow hears from Dave Brooks, better known to his readers as Nelson Brooks, about how his verses raised money for charity during the pandemic

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Ba[n]king trust Ba[n]king trust

flow’s Clarissa Dann reports on how a series of Deutsche Bank cooking events has helped to foster team togetherness amid the homeworking environment

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Matters of the mind Matters of the mind

Covid-19 has inflicted the greatest change upon the global population since World War II and highlighted the importance of wellbeing. Michael Morley tells flow how an informed approach to employee wellness could play a meaningful role in a sustainable recovery

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